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Our Rules & Regulations

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For Parents & Students

For Parents/Students

(1) Parents and students will receive timely information about the payment methods when a teacher is assigned. It is urged to adhere to these procedures to prevent potential misunderstandings in the future. We appreciate your cooperation.

(2) Parents and students are advised not to make any payments to teachers for notes, suggestions, books, mock tests, or any other purposes. We do not assume responsibility for such transactions. Our primary focus is on providing a quality learning experience. For instance, a highly experienced and M.Sc qualified instructor with extensive experience.

(3) Teacher fees vary based on individual qualifications, and the rate may differ from one teacher to another. The fee structure is influenced by the teacher’s qualifications, and some instructors may charge higher fees than others.

If any issues arise concerning tuition or the assigned tutor, please feel free to contact us at +91 8100122466 or drop an email at contact@learningpathway.in at any time, on any day. We are here to address your concerns promptly.

For Teachers

For Teachers

(1) A service charge equivalent to one month’s fee will be applied. Kindly review the subsequent payment methods attentively to prevent any future misunderstandings.

It is essential to emphasize that instructors are not permitted to disclose the payment mode to students or guardians. The details of how and when the fee will be paid will be communicated directly to the student or guardian.

(a) Advanced Payment Mode: If the student or guardian prefers to pay in advance (i.e., at the beginning of the month), the entire tuition fee will be collected at the start of the first month. The instructor will not receive any payment during this initial month. Starting from the subsequent month, the instructor will collect their tuition fee directly from the student or guardian.

In the event of discontinuation of tuition by the student or guardian after the first month, half of the fee amount will be refunded to the instructor’s bank account.

(b) Month-End Payment Mode: However, if the student or parent chooses to pay the tuition fee at the end of the month, the following payment mode will be implemented: For the first two months, half of the fee will be collected from the student or guardian, and the instructor will receive half of the fee directly from the student or guardian.

Starting from the next month onwards, the instructor will receive the full tuition fee directly from the student or guardian.

Please be aware that if it is proven that the instructor has delivered incorrect teachings, no fee will be disbursed. The future of the student should not be compromised.

(2) Instructors are urged to refrain from excessive use of mobile phones during class hours.

(3) Upon receiving a lead (student’s or guardian’s name and phone number), instructors are required to promptly make a call to the provided number. Subsequently, it is the duty and courtesy of the instructor to provide us with feedback.

If, for any reason, you are unwilling to take on a tuition due to factors such as distance or remuneration, it is imperative that you inform us of your decision. Please communicate openly if you choose not to accept a particular tuition, allowing us to assign it to another instructor. Avoid wasting any potential leads.

(4) Kindly notify us in advance when you intend to commence a tuition. This assists us in collecting tuition fees from the student or guardian promptly.

(5) Lastly, we emphasize the importance of honesty and sincerity from our instructors. We prioritize offering additional tuition opportunities to teachers who demonstrate integrity, sincerity, and a commitment to working transparently.